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sales and repair Inverter and batteris Ajmer

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• Cell, modules, and packs – Hybrid and electric vehicles have a high voltage battery
pack that consists of individual modules and cells organized in series and parallel. A cell is
the smallest, packaged form a battery can take and is generally on the order of one to six
volts. A module consists of several cells generally connected in either series or parallel. A
battery pack is then assembled by connecting modules together, again either in series or
• Battery Classifications – Not all batteries are created equal, even batteries of the same
chemistry. The main trade-off in battery development is between power and energy:
batteries can be either high-power or high-energy, but not both. Often manufacturers will
classify batteries using these categories. Other common classifications are High Durability,
meaning that the chemistry has been modified to provide higher battery life at the expense
of power and energy.
• C- and E- rates – In describing batteries, discharge current is often expressed as a C-rate
in order to normalize against battery capacity, which is often very different between
batteries. A C-rate is a measure of the rate at which a battery is discharged relative to its
maximum capacity. A 1C rate means that the discharge current will discharge the entire
battery in 1 hour. For a battery with a capacity of 100 Amp-hrs, this equates to a discharge
current of 100 Amps. A 5C rate for this battery would be 500 Amps, and a C/2 rate would
be 50 Amps. Similarly, an E-rate describes the discharge power. A 1E rate is the discharge
power to discharge the entire battery in 1 hour.
• Secondary and Primary Cells – Although it may not sound like it, batteries for hybrid,
plug-in, and electric vehicles are all secondary batteries. A primary battery is one that can
not be recharged. A secondary battery is one that is rechargeable.

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MICRO CONTROLLER/DSC BASED Gen-Next UPS 24X7are based on Hybrid Technology which is a combination of Digital and Sinewave Technologies for Better Performance and High Reliability. The Hybrid Technology used ensures noiseless performance, Quick Charging, More Load, Longer Battery Life and Longer Backups.

Hybrid Technology for Noiseless and Better Performance. You get longer backups & increased life of battery.
Battery type (Branded/Local/Tubular) selection mode switch, suitable to work with equal performance with all type of available batteries.
Charging current selection switch for Standard (10MP) & Fast Charging (14MP), which keeps the battery ready for frequent emergencies.
IBGM Technology - Increases Battery Life and Performance by maintaining correct battery gravity.
Unique USS (Ultra Sonic Switching) - This technology ensures absolute Silent Operations to give you complete peace of mind.
Pure and stable Sinewave Output with very Low THD, under all battery and load conditions.
Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Based Intelligent Control Hybrid Design
PWM Controlled multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging
Display Indications (Status & Fault)
Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection
Easily Serviceable
Auto Reset Feature
In-built Bypass Switch - This additional bypass switch enables you to isolate your UPS from mains, whwnever needed.
Slide switch to select float charging voltage
Mains Input Voltage Range Selection
Quick Charging Option
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Powerful thermal management system to auto-cool or shut down system depending on temperature.
Inbuilt water-level sensor indicating battery water requirements.
Promotes longer battery life with automated holiday mode and no-load shutdown.
Charges battery quickly with 3 selectable current settings and even at low current availability of 110 V Mains AC.
Saves battery consumption and life with advanced battery maintenance systems.
Offers four layers of protection: Overload with Auto Reset, Battery Reverse Polarity Protection, Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection and Batter Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option.
Uses FSW technology for long-term life and efficiency.
There are visual indicators for Charging, Eco Overload, Battery Electrolyte Level, Low Battery Level and ON Mains.
There are audio alarms for Battery Over Voltage, Short Circuit Trip, No Load Shutdown, Battery Low Pre-Alarm, Battery Low Trip, Overload and UPS ON.
Overload, battery-deep discharge, ultra-fast short circuit and battery reverse polarity protection.


The ECO WATT 650/665/700 Home UPS uses ABCC technology for:
negligible water loss
better profile adjustment
advanced battery management
70% enhanced battery life
faster charging

Recommended Battery Capacity: 100 AH – 200 AH

Tubular batteries essentially offer higher back-up time over the conventional flat plate batteries. This reduces electricity consumption. What's more, their unique design makes them extremely strong, so they withstand longer power cuts. Tez Tubular Batteries employ pioneering R& D and cutting-edge process controls, in line with global standards.

Balanced plate design for improved charge acceptance & excellent deep discharge recovery
Inter partition connection ensures the lowest internal resistance and excellent charge acceptance
Protects the lead part of battery from corrosion, even in case of high voltage
Extremely long life and superior performance
Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet
Suitable for frequent power cuts
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Most parts of India suffer from power cuts and extreme voltage fluctuations. It is no wonder that a vast majority of Indians depend on inverters to address this problem. And to take care of this crucial need, they depend on a battery that won't let them down. Amaron.

With a range of inverter batteries to suit varying needs and applications of end users, Amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market, so you are never at a loss for power.

When you buy an Amaron inverter battery, you enjoy a completely hassle-free experience as the battery uses a high heat resistant Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for its grids which makes it zero-maintenance. Amaron also offers a range of technologically advanced inverters and home UPS system for complete peace of mind.

Our Differentiators:
Long Life
Ultra Low Maintenance
Improved Safety
Warranty – 24 months
Safety Precautions for Home UPS / Inverter

Install UPS & batteries in ventilated area.
Install UPS on flat surface only.
Ensure proper tightening of battery terminals.
Keep switch in FC mode when computer is working.
Use rated MCB, fuses & battery cables only.
Keep UPS away from children, water and any chemicals.
Switch ’Off’ front panel switch before disconnecting the UPS.
Don’t give the Home UPS with local battery combination
Don’t install the UPS & batteries in a closed container
Don’t disconnect the batteries while UPS in ’ON’ condition
Don’t connect the battery cables in reverse direction
Don’t mix different ratings/makes of batteries
Don’t connect the UPS to loads other than those recommended
Don’t connect the UPS output to a generator or incoming utility power
Don’t operate the UPS with damaged input/output plugs or cables
Don’t give UPS output to more than UPS capacity
Don’t give connections to empty plug points

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Home UPS & Inverters
Lead Acid Batteries designed for Home UPS and Inverter applications ensure availability of un-interrupted and regulated power during mains failure or dip in input voltage. The main challenges of a battery for inverter applications are -

Long and frequent power outages
Short recharge time
High ambient temperatures.
Irregular maintenance.
A satisfactory inverter battery must essentialy meet the following basic criteria -

Ability to withstand frequent deep discharge.
Reliability over months.
Low maintenance
Minimum emission of gases/fumes
Why Tubular Batteries are most suitable in Inverter Application ?

A tubular battery uses technology that seals the active material in polyester tubes called gauntlets, instead of pasting it on the surface of the plate. As a result, there's no shedding or corrosion, ensuring long battery life. Owing to their toughness and durability, tubular batteries can operate at extreme temperatures, and are used in high cyclic applications involving frequent and prolonged power outages.

The Exide Torr Tubular Advantage : All tubular batteries behave similarly to start with, but obviously, not all tubular batteries are the same. the difference lies in the composition of the alloy in the positive support structure, as well as in the way that the main back bone of the plates, called the SPINE, is cast. With the help of Torr Tubular technology , Exide tubular batteries use the high pressure 'HADI' casting process at 100 bar, while most other manufacturers use gravity ot low pressure casting processes. The spines in Exide tubular batteries are cast from low antimony lead alloy, with selenium, copper, tin, and arsenic, to protect the lead support from anodic corrosion. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) study reveals the differneces in machines that use gravity or low pressure casting, and those that are 'HADI' castin

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